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The Caltech Y Friends Webinar

Remote Learning: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for the Future

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 | 5pm - 6pm PST

Educational institutions around the world shifted quickly to online classes in response to COVID-19. Caltech and other schools reimagined learning as they adopted new digital tools and tailored their curricula. Please join us as our featured speakers discuss lessons learned from the previous spring term, share student and faculty experiences with remote learning, and consider possibilities and opportunities for the future. Featured Speakers: 

  • Prof. Katie BoumanAssistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Astronomy and Rosenberg Scholar

  • Arushi Gupta, Chair of the Academic Research Committee (ARC) 

  • Dr. Jenn Weaver, Associate Director for University Teaching, and Center for​ Teaching, Learning and Outreach

  • Leslie Maxfield, Director of Academic Media Technologies and Communications 

Moderator, Dr. Nathan Dalleska, Director of the Resnick Water and Environment Laboratory and Caltech Y Board Member. This webinar is free, but please register to guarantee your spot.


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