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Caltech Y 2021-22 Annual Report

We are pleased to present the 2022 annual report. This year we wanted to highlight the incredible student stories that are at the heart of the Caltech Y. From service in the local community to self-discovery as a global citizen, our students have led and participated in incredible programs over the last year.

At the core of our mission are our five pillars: leadership, service, civic engagement, adventure, and perspective. In 2021-22 Caltech Y students planned and executed over 50 programs that develop each of these different pillars and create new perspectives to become more well-rounded students, leaders, and scientists.

From the expansion of current programs such as Rise tutoring and the introduction of new programs such as the Movies that Matter series, Caltech Y leaders and volunteers poured themselves into every facet of what it means to enrich student life and grow into responsible citizens. As you will see in the report, the feedback from our alumni survey highlighted how the breadth of programs offered was integral to creating a balanced life for Caltech students and instilled the value of fostering new interests.

The continued presence of the Caltech Y on campus is all possible thanks to the generous support of our Friends.

If you have already made your annual gift, thank you for your contribution. If you have not had the opportunity to join the Friends of the Caltech Y or send in your annual gift, we encourage you to do so now to support Caltech students in their pursuit of becoming leaders in their community, science, and the world.

I hope that you are all staying well. Enjoy the annual!

Take good care,

Athena R. Castro

Executive Director,

Caltech Y


The Caltech Y is an independent, student-driven non-profit that relies on contributions from individuals and organizations. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Y by clicking the button below.


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