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New ExComm Cabinet 2022-23

Each year, members of the Caltech Y Student Executive Committee (ExComm) vote in a cabinet of officers. They work together as a cabinet, take on specific roles individually, and serve as members of the Caltech Y Board of Directors. As board members they serve alongside faculty, staff, and community members, participating in board meetings, on board committees, and in board voting and decision-making. This year’s ExComm cabinet members are:

President - Albert Kyi (’23)

Albert (‘23) is an Averite from New York City majoring in Chemical Engineering (Environmental). As a part of the Caltech Y’s ExComm and the student president, Albert is a part of the Life Skills and Explore LA teams, and helped lead the virtual D.C. Science Policy Symposium in 2020. Outside of the Y, he serves as co-president of Caltech Science Olympiad and secretary of AICHE, in addition to supporting Avery House in both a peer advocate and health advocate capacity. He also enjoys road biking and playing volleyball or badminton in the rare free moments he gets at Caltech. He is excited to bring more people and their experiences into the Caltech Y family.

Vice President, Operations - Catherine Ko (’24)

Catherine (’24) studies chemistry at Caltech and is a part of Avery House and the Arnold Group. In the lab, she works on stabilizing and promoting the evolution of new-to-nature biocatalysts. Beyond her studies, Catherine likes playing piano, taking pictures, drawing/painting, and playing badminton with friends. Additionally, she is an avid member-at-large of the Caltech Y, facilitating the fun Life Skills/Explore LA series and creating promotional content for various social media platforms. She loves bringing people together through the Y.

Vice President, Internal Affairs - Alexandra Haraszti (’23)

Alexandra (23’) is studying mechanical engineering and is a member of Dabney House. She was introduced to the Caltech Y through the Yosemite trip before freshman year and has been an avid participant since. Outside the Y, she is passionate about combining her hobby of origami with aerospace research at JPL, as well as participating in mentorship and tutoring programs. She is excited to plan Y events and outings to build the Caltech community on campus and beyond!

Vice President, External Affairs - Joseph Kim (’24)

Joseph (24') is studying CNS and is a member of Lloyd House. He was introduced to the Caltech Y through Rise tutoring his freshman year and has been a driven participant since. Outside the Y, he is passionate about the orchestra, his research, and contributing to the local community. He is excited to plan Y events and programs to support the Caltech community and those around it.


Sarah Barrett (’23)

Sarah (’23) is in Blacker House and studying mechanical engineering. She started attending ExComm meetings because of her interest in social activism and community service. She has since led Explore LA events, been a site leader for Make-A-Difference Day, and was one of the student leaders on the 2019 Washington D.C. Science Policy trip. She’s looking forward to continuing her work with the Y while being on the Y board.

Kristina Stoyanova (BS '23)

Kristina is studying computer science, with a minor in biology, and is a peer advocate at Fleming House. She loves organizing events for the Caltech community through the Y and working for the Miller Group developing quantitative theoretical models for protein translocation. Often times, you can find her being part of TACIT, Caltech's gracious community theater, or cooking crepes and other foods with friends. She is always excited to help incorporate people's ideas into Y events!


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