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The Caltech Y’s Response to COVID-19


We hope that you are adjusting to our new collective normal, practicing self-care, and staying well. Although we need to remain physically distant, we still want to remain connected with everyone and share with you what the Caltech Y is doing to maintain a sense of community and ensure continuity of Y programming during this extraordinary time.

The Caltech Y’s Response to COVID-19

  • Virtual planning meetings – student committees are meeting online to reimagine and implement programs.

  • Online tutoring - provides remote after school math and science-focused tutoring programs.

  • SASS webinars – science policy talks and other forums will continue online.

  • Online meditation classes – offers streaming classes once a week to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Photo contest – students can participate by voting, or uploading their best picture taken during a Y program, and voting via Facebook.

  • Alternative ways to volunteer – offering alternate ways to volunteer and meet the needs of the community at large.

Please, consider supporting Y programs with a donation to the Caltech Y. Every donation, small or large, helps us realize our mission and makes a difference during this difficult time.

We hope this unprecedented emergency will end soon, but in the meantime we will continue to explore ways to help our community. We’ll get through this together!

Thank You!


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