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5th Annual Caltech Y Photo Contest

Deadline to submit photos extended to Sunday, May 31st

The Caltech Y Photo Contest is on again! If you have participated in a Caltech Y program and are a current student, submit your photos for a chance to win. We're giving a $100 prize to the winner of each of the five photo contest categories. The 5 categories come from the Caltech Y pillars of:

  • Leadership

  • Service

  • Civic Engagement

  • Adventure

  • Perspective

Photos should demonstrate the pillar in action and should have been taken in a Caltech Y program. Photos of people are preferred, but exceptional scenic pictures will also be accepted.

After the deadline, we select the finalists, upload them to our Facebook page, and our fans vote for their favorites to determine the winners. Winners will be announced on June 19th.

For submission details visit:

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