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Caltech Y's 2019 India Ki Khoj Trip

Winter term has just started, but we are still thinking about the annual India Ki Khoj trip that several Caltech students went on over break in December. The India Ki Khoj program is a one week-long immersive program where students visit IIT Gandhinagar and experience the many aspects of India. Students reflected on their experiences by creating projects in the medium of their choice--including videos, sounds, art, and more. Take a look at what has been created this year below.


Zoe Beatty, BS '22.

India Ki Khoj 2019


"In December of 2019, I went on a trip to the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar with the Caltech Y. This website details highlights of the trip, showcases some of the best pictures captured, and shares my reflection of the experience."

Some highlights are shown below:

Visit the website here.


Saehui Hwang, BS '22

India Ki Khoj 2019 | Caltech to India!


"I've had the privilege of participating in the program this year, and it truly was a trip of a lifetime. India Ki Khoj was no tourist vacation. It was a journey in getting a deeper understanding of the many layers that form India. This vlog is my attempt at capturing the things I've learned, the memories I've made, and the friendships we've developed."


Myra Cheng, BS '22.

7 Days in 28 Dog Photos: A Few Memories from India Ki Khoj 2019

Photo reflection

Myra highlighted the trip through the many dogs she encountered on the way.

"It was an incredible experience to walk among the pols and communities that are so imbued with history yet also relevant and modern as homes and neighborhoods for the people that live there. Every turn brought a new experience. I could walk around there for hours, appreciating the different colors and details of the architecture."

See the full reflection here.


Arushi Agarwal, BS '22.

The Sounds of Ahmedabad


Arushi documented the trip through sounds and created an audio journey of her experiences. Take a listen below and read more about what she had to say here.


Mei Yi You, BS '22.

Foods of India

Photo collage

Mei Yi described the different foods she encountered during the trip.

"Surrounded by the aroma of garlic, cumin, sesame, and all the spices used in each dish, I was so grateful for this opportunity that has opened my eyes to the brilliant complexity of what is India. This experience, India Ki Khoj, is a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget."

Below is a photo collage of the various foods she ate. Read her thoughts here.


Tara Porter, BS '21.

Snapshots of India

Photo reflection

Tara reflected on her trip with a presentation-style collection of photos and writing.


The Caltech Y, in partnership with the Caltech SURF Program and IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN), coordinates a trip to Ahmedabad, India each year. This 11-day trip is designed to introduce Caltech students to the many layers that form identity in India. Through a combination of academic lectures and fieldtrips, IITGN faculty take participants through the India of the past, present, and future, relating India’s ancient traditions of philosophy, science, and technology to a present-day India.

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