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Executive Committee Announces New Cabinet

The Caltech Y Executive Committee (ExComm) is happy to announce a new cabinet.

ExComm President – sunny cui (bs '20)

Sunny is a junior in Lloyd House studying electrical engineering. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Sunny got involved with the Y when, in her freshman year, she went on the Washington, D.C. Science Policy trip. She says, “I learned so much and made a lot of new friends. The experience showed me the value of the Y’s programming and made me want to get involved!” Her favorite Caltech Y program is the Explore LA series. Sunny’s hobbies include hiking, drawing, playing piano, and baking. As ExComm President she says, “I would like to put together more events that bring in members of the Caltech community who are not yet engaged with the Y. I would like to find out what their needs and interests are, and how the Y can help enrich their Caltech experience.”

Vice President of internal affairs –
evan yeh (bs '20)

Evan is a junior in Avery House studying electrical engineering. He is from Plano, Texas. Evan got involved with the Y when an upperclassman introduced him to MAD (Make-A-Difference) Day and he has been going to ExComm meetings ever since. He loves being outdoors, and some of his hobbies are playing Ultimate Frisbee, taking pictures of his friends, and giving his dog (and all dogs) well-deserved pats. Evan says people would be surprised to learn that he was born and raised in Texas but half of his pre-college education was in Taiwan. His favorite Caltech Y program is MAD DAY because “Not only do we get to help out the community, we also get to meet people from other groups on campus (graduate students, faculty, staff) we wouldn’t otherwise.” As ExComm Vice President of Internal Affairs, “I’d like to see more diversity and representation in Student ExComm. On top of that, I’d like to bring more awareness and engagement to the Y newsletters.”

Vice President of external affairs –
laura hu (bs '21)

Laura is a sophomore in Ruddock House studying computer science. She is from Bellevue, Washington. Laura got involved with the Y when she learned about student involvement from staff member Agnes Tong. When she attended ExComm meetings, she got excited about the Y‘s many activities and began participating in Y programs. Some of her hobbies are writing (vignettes and literary Romanticism), painting (Impressionist-influenced landscapes) and cooking (mostly Asian food). Laura says people would be surprised to learn that she scribbles. She says it is very hard for her to choose a favorite Caltech Y program. “There are so many to choose from! This past winter I went with the Y to India, which was a thoroughly eye-opening experience guided by IIT Gandhinagar. The experiences and discussions we had about Indian culture and society were both jarring and insightful.” As ExComm Vice President of External Affairs, “I want to connect different enclaves of the Caltech community (undergrads, grads, friends and more), through the Caltech Y's mission and programs. I would also like to interact with the other student bodies on campus and increase awareness of what the Y has to offer.”

vice president of operations –
hazel dilmore (bs '20)

Hazel is a junior in Avery House, majoring in geobiology. She is from Lake Mary, Florida. Hazel got involved with the Y when Agnes Tong was her mentor in the Center for Diversity’s Women Mentoring Women program and encouraged her to join ExComm. Some of Hazel’s hobbies are yoga, baking, dog watching, and trying new cafes. She says people would be surprised to learn that she loves country music. Her favorite Caltech Y program is the Rise Tutoring Program, because “My students are the highlight of my week.” As ExComm Vice President of Operations she says, “I want to introduce the Caltech Y and all that we do to new populations of the campus community!”

We are excited to have the new cabinet on board and are looking forward to the year ahead. We would also like to thank our outgoing cabinet members, Kavya Sreedhar and Sirisha Gudavalli. It was a pleasure to work with you. We so appreciate your time and efforts serving the Caltech Y!


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