Frisbees Soar Over Dunes at Death Valley

Death Valley is the largest US national park outside of Alaska. A group of 24 students made use of one weekend as fully as possible and explored only a small fraction of its dramatic landscapes shaped by ancient lake-bed (Death Valley was a giant lake in the Pleistocene era) and present-day desert.

We arrived in Death Valley on a Friday evening and set up camp in the Furnace Creek campground. In the morning, we had a delicious breakfast thanks to a fellow hiker’s foresight to pre-cook a tremendous quantity of pancakes that only needed re-heating on the camp stoves. After breakfast, we visited Badwater Basin, the lowest elevation of dry land in North America. A sign 200 feet up the cliff side marks sea level. We hiked a short distance out into salt flats as bright as a snowfield, admired the geology, and almost instantly began a game of frisbee. A theme of the camping trip was that no hiking break is too short for bringing out the frisbee.