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A Minute with Friends: Jon Webster

A Q&A with Jon Webster, Caltech Y Board Member

What is your hometown?

“Pasadena California.”

Do you support any teams?

“Lakers, Dodgers and Caltech Beavers.”

What are your interest and Hobbies?

“Running, cycling, mountain biking, photography, golf, and singing.”

What is/was your line of work?

“I currently run Caltech Dining but, beginning next month, I will be working in contract food service for Bon Appétit Management Company in the Los Angeles area.”

How did you get involved with the Caltech Y?

“The golf tournament was the first foray into the good works of the Y. I love golf and started playing in the annual tournament, and over the years started learning more and more about the Y’s activities.”

What’s your favorite Caltech Y program/event and why?

“It has to the be the Rise program since it hits so many targets that are important to me: community service, introducing Caltech students to the broader world, and impacting youth in the Pasadena area.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?

“I think one of the better-kept secrets is that when I graduated from college I supplemented my income by being a paid ringer in a local church choir.”

If you could invite anyone (living of dead) to a Friends Dinner, who would it be?

“Lance Armstrong and Magic Johnson would be at the top of my list. They both have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I imagine there would be a lot to learn about life from both of them.”


The Rise Program is a low-cost afterschool math and science-focused tutoring program that serves public school students between grades 8 and 12. The tutoring takes place on the Caltech campus Monday-Thursday and is provided by Caltech undergraduate and graduate students. The program is designed to help students gain greater competency in math foundations, improve skills in math and science and prepare students for college-level math and science.

The Friends are the primary supporters of the Caltech Y. It is through generous contributions of our Friends that the Y is able to continue its long-standing mission of reaching out to the Caltech community with fresh ideas, student programming and active community service. To find out more please visit or contact us at

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