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Caltech Y Board Chair Welcomes New Members

Hi Friends of the Y! I’m Peter Hung and I’m excited to serve as the new chairperson of the Caltech Y. Having been a student at Caltech, I can personally attest to the impact the Y has had on me, teaching me to be a better community member and a better leader.

While classes only started in October, the Y has already been working hard! We welcome some new members to the Caltech Y board and early in October, the Caltech Y Board of Directors had a wonderful retreat to strategize the Y’s goals for the next couple of years. Since then, we have hosted a social activism lunch with an overview of the California ballot. We have also been to the Union Station to prepare and serve the residents there. We ended the month with the start of our new leadership lunch series.

I hope my experience of benefiting from the Y as a student will allow me to share a new perspective on how we can better serve our students while also serving the community. I look forward to a great year ahead!


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