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The Caltech Y Welcomes New ExComm Cabinet

We are excited to introduce the new ExComm cabinet to the Caltech Y community.

ExComm President – Kavya Sreedhar (2019)

Kavya is a junior in Avery House studying Electrical Engineering. She is from Lake Oswego, Oregon. Kavya got involved with the Y when, as a freshman, she went on the Washington, D.C. Science Policy trip. She says, “I found it absolutely incredible that through the Y, I was given the opportunity to interact with people like the directors of DARPA, NSF, and ARPA-E, and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy staff.” Some of her hobbies are playing piano and Tae Kwon Do. She says people would be surprised to learn that she sang in choir in middle school and was very involved in school musicals. Her favorite Caltech Y program is Kids Reading to Succeed because “I regularly get the opportunity to foster a love for reading along children at a young age.” As ExComm president, Kayva says, “I want to increase awareness of the Caltech Y among the Caltech community and focus on outreach. I’d like to ensure we’re getting the word out about the variety of programs the Y offers and that everyone in the Caltech community has the opportunity to get involved in participating and leading programs if they want to.”

Vice President – Sunny Cui (2020)

Sunny is a sophomore in Lloyd House studying Electrical Engineering. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Sunny got involved with the Y, the same way as Kavya, when, in her freshman year, she went on the Washington, D.C. Science Policy trip. She says, “I learned so much and made a lot of new friends. The experience showed me the value of the Y’s programming and made me want to get involved!” Her favorite Caltech Y program is the Explore LA series. Sunny’s hobbies include hiking, drawing, playing piano, and baking. As ExComm Vice President she says, “I would like to put together more events that bring in members of the Caltech community who are not yet engaged with the Y. I would like to find out what their needs and interests are, and how the Y can help enrich their Caltech experience.”

Secretary – Hazel Dilmore (2020)

Hazel is a sophomore in Avery House, majoring in Biology. She is from Lake Mary, Florida. Hazel got involved with the Y when Agnes Tong, the Caltech Y’s Director of Marketing & Development, was her mentor during her freshman year. Some of Hazel’s hobbies are yoga, meditation, cooking/baking, and eating vegan food. She says people would be surprised to learn that if she wasn’t pursuing a career in science, she would probably be majoring in South Asian Studies and she has always wanted to learn how to speak Hindi. Her favorite Caltech Y program is the Rise Tutoring Program, because she says, “It is incredibly rewarding to get to know students outside of the Caltech community on a deeper level and to watch them grow academically after facing setbacks in school.” As ExComm Secretary she says, “I want to start a series similar to the Explore LA series where we rent out a fitness studio once a month to allow students to try various workout classes for a reduced price.”

Treasurer – Sirisha Gudavalli (2021)

Sirisha is a freshman and member of the Lloyd House. She is from Lafayette, Colorado. Sirisha was recently elected as a Y ExComm member and jumped right into taking a leadership position. She started her involvement with the Y by leading Explore LA events and volunteering at Decompression. As a treasurer, along with her fellow cabinet members, she would like to work on outreach within the Caltech community.

We are excited to have the new cabinet on board and are looking forward to the year ahead. We would also like to thank our outgoing cabinet members, Aishwarya Nene, Jenny Hsin, and Phillip Liu. It was a pleasure to work with you. We so appreciate your time and efforts serving the Caltech Y!


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