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Congratulations to Caltech Y Graduates!

Congratulations to the class of 2018, and thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and energy you have continuously given to the Y during your time at Caltech. You have made a world of difference for the Caltech community and community at large, and we hope you keep doing it in the future. On behalf of the Caltech Y board, staff, and your fellow students, we are so proud of your accomplishments and the journeys on which you are about to embark. It is our pleasure to announce the graduates of 2018 that served on the Caltech Y Executive Committee: Aishwarya Nene, Phillip Liu, Jenny Hsin, Gloria Ha, Nicholas Trank, Janice Jeon, Chloe Hsu, Katherine Guo and Nicholas Hutchins.

We also congratulate the following Y student leaders who were involved with the Y in various capacities by serving on committees, leading programs, working at the Y Front Desk, or tutoring area middle and high schools students: Tess Saxton-Fox, Michelle Sherrott, Howard Hui, Chien Chang Chen, Sherwood Richers, Jeffrey Edlund, Irene Wang, Meera Ramakrishnan, Magnus Haw, Joseph Schneider, Ida Huang, Amy McCarthy, Namita Ravi, Roohi Dalal, Gonzalez Miguel, Amanda Gao, Anish Thilagar, Sandra Ning, Anusha Sinha and Abirami Kurinchi-Vendhan. Thank you for your time and commitment to the Y!


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