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student committees

student executive committee (excomm)

The Student Executive Committee (ExComm) is the central programming team for the Caltech Y. Composed of both undergraduate and graduate students, the ExComm plans and implements programs. Members of the ExComm also serve on the Caltech Y Board of Directors, which oversee all aspects of the Y operations and development.


Membership in the Caltech Y ExComm is limited; however, participation in meetings and events is not. Many students are actively involved in leadership through the Caltech Y without being members of the ExComm.

For more information, contact us or visit the About Us section to find someone you know from the current Caltech Y ExComm Roster.

student activism speaker series (SASS) Committee

The Caltech Y Student Activism Speaker Series (SASS) Committee consists of graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in bringing distinguished speakers to campus who challenge the community through the exchange of thought-provoking ideas. The SASS Committee is open to anyone interested in inviting speakers and coordinating events.

y-outdoors Committee

The Y-Outdoors Committee consists of enthusiasts interested in planning outdoor adventures for students at Caltech. The committee meets twice a month to organize and plan trips and is open to any student interested in coordinating or helping with outdoor adventures.

Many programs and all of the on-going community service projects depend on student service leaders to operate. The leader's roles and responsibilities vary, and most projects have more than one leader. Caltech Y staff support, advise and provide resources to assist in these efforts.

If you are interested in leading or attending an organizational meeting please contact us. 

Service leaders

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