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The LEAP Project and the Caltech Y

The Caltech Y is excited to partner with the LEAP Project!

The Lab Equipment Access Program, or the LEAP project, aims to address the social issue that many public high schools lack resources like lab equipment, which are critical to students' hands-on science education. This is particularly a pressing problem for Title I schools in rural areas that serve students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To help address this issue, Caltech student leaders, Peiwei, Frank, Jingjing and Suchitra, co-founded the LEAP project in early 2022 to help public school teachers get lab equipment they need from labs at Caltech. By lifting the constraints posed by limited resources like lab equipment, the LEAP project hopes to make a lasting impact that will enable students from underserved communities to make that leap they've been wanting to make towards their own goals, whatever those goals might be.

As of summer 2022, the LEAP Project finished a pilot program with public school teachers at Stockdale High School in Bakersfield, CA. Currently, the program is partnering with science teachers at Wasco Union High School in Wasco, CA, to secure the equipment needed to ensure students' success.

For more information about the LEAP Project, to get involved, or make an equipment donation, please visit their website at:

LEAP Team (left to right): Suchitra Dara, Frank Macabenta, Peiwei Chen, Cai Tong Ng, Jingjing Sun


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