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Rise Program Expands Its Reach and Impact to Elementary and College Students

The Rise Program started 2023 with great momentum, thanks to the generous support of the Medtronic Foundation. The two-year grant from the Foundation has allowed the Rise Program to expand its reach and impact, providing students from elementary to college levels with access to crucial STEM education opportunities.

The partnership with the Medtronic Foundation has enabled the Rise Program to offer a wider range of programs, including summer programming for elementary school students, online tutoring for college students, and scholarships for higher education. In addition, the funding has improved data collection processes, allowing for a deeper understanding of the program's impact.

Hispanic Heritage Month Rise Program Celebrations

So far, the Rise Program has enrolled 93 students and 134 tutors and offered free mental health counseling to every participant. The program has also celebrated cultural heritage events, attended a talk by a popular YouTuber and former JPL Engineer, Mark Rober, and revived the Y-Tutor Program to offer online tutoring to college students.

The Rise Program has established strong partnerships with community organizations, including Flintridge Center’s Youth of Promise Program, PUSD’s African American Parent Council, College Access Plan (CAP), STEAM:Coders, and STEMulate Learning. These partnerships have enriched the program offerings and strengthened support for students.

Between September 2022 and February 2023, the Rise Program provided over 1200 hours of math and science tutoring and mentoring, which has doubled the confidence of students in their math ability (31% to 59%).

Rise Students Attended YouTuber and Former JPL Engineer Mark Rober's Talk

The Rise Program is dedicated to breaking down barriers to STEM education and empowering students from diverse backgrounds. The program's focus on building strong relationships, improving academic preparedness, and modeling success in STEM has an invaluable impact on students' lives. The Rise Program is grateful for the amazing tutors, students, and donors who make it all possible.


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