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The patrick hummel and harry gray travel fund 


The Patrick Hummel and Harry Gray Travel Fund was established as a joint gift from Carla and Paul Hummel, Patrick Hummel, and Shirley and Harry Gray, Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry and Founding Director of the Beckman Institute. The endowed fund supports undergraduate travel opportunities that promote professional and leadership development and broadens students' perspective as engaged, responsible citizens of the world.

​Awards will be given to support:

  • Travel to academic conferences for the purpose of presenting papers or actively participating in workshops, symposia

  • Travel to professional conferences focused on developing students' leadership skills (e.g., National Conference for College Women Student Leaders)

  • Travel to conferences/meetings that support the increased participation and impact of underrepresented groups in STEM fields (e.g., Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, etc.)


Applications Due: January 20th by noon          Finalist Interviews: Friday, January 27th between 3 and 6 pm

Who is Eligible

  • Applicants must be enrolled Caltech students in good academic standing.

  • Applicants choosing an international destination must be 18 years or older. There is no age restriction for domestic destinations, however a parent/guardian will be expected to sign a waiver.

Proposal Guidelines

If you are an interested Caltech student who is in good academic standing, you should submit the itemized budget form with anticipated expenses and an application that provides:

  • The requested demographic information

  • A concise written description of the paper to be presented or the nature of the academic or leadership activity being proposed, the purpose of the meeting, and how the meeting will further enhance your professional and leadership development.

  • Added details, if travel is proposed

  • Acknowledgement of the agreements that recipients will be expected to sign

Application and Selection Process:

  • A review committee consisting of Caltech Y Board Members, students, faculty and/or staff will review proposals, identify and interview finalists, select the recipients, and determine award amounts based on need, and funding available.

  • Awardee(s) cannot hold multiple travel awards (e.g. Bishop, San Pietro, ACT, etc).

  • SURF students are not permitted to have other commitments during SURF, including evenings or weekends.  However, activities before or after the SURF period are eligible.

What Awardees Receive

  • Awardees may request $500 to $1,000 for domestic travel, or $1,000 to $2,000. to cover expenses for the conference registration and fees, travel, lodging, food and incidentals.  The selection committee will determine award amounts (may be full or partial funding) based on need, and funding available.  Awards may also be taxable.  Awards may have tax and financial aid implications.  Students are advised to consult with a tax advisor and/or the financial aid office with any questions.

What is required of Recipients

  • Meet with Y staff to review and sign an agreement outlining expectations and deadlines in order to accept the award.

  • Complete the proposed experience as outlined and approved by September 30th. Any changes to the proposed experience must be pre-approved. 

  • Submit an expense report with receipts for reimbursement.

  • Submit a report sharing details on what was done, learned / gained from the experience, along with pictures, that can be shared with donors, and used for reports and promotional materials. Reports can be made in in a mutually agreed upon format (for example, but not limited to - a written document, video presentation, blog post, interview, article for the Tech or the Caltech Y Newsletter, etc.)​

  • Recipients may also be asked to give an optional presentation summarizing the experience to members of the Y Staff, Board of Directors, and/or donors, as well as interested students as available.


The Caltech Y is here to help! Applicants with questions about the award or application process are encouraged seek input via phone 626-395-6163, email, or in-person at the Caltech Y.

Some Past Recipients:

2022 Eitan Rapaport - Applied Superconductivity Conference - Honolulu

2022 Sarah Yuan Ni Liaw - International Conference in Sensor Signal Processing for Defense - London, England

2022 Anwesha Das - European Conference on Visual Perception - The Netherlands

The Caltech Y reserves the right to revoke the award at any point due to safety and security concerns or changes in recipient eligibility or proposal. 

To apply you must submit both the application and a budget.

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