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Caltech Y Turns 100!

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As we approach our centennial anniversary, the students, staff, and Board of Directors of the Caltech Y invite you to connect, or reconnect, with us during this important milestone in our organization’s history and join in our celebration in making a world of difference for 100 years and beyond! Check out our centennial website to stay up-to-date on Caltech Y centennial events and news.

Caltech Y Friends Dinner & Centennial Gala Celebration: "A Caltech Physicist in Hollywood: Interstellar Musings" Featuring Kip Thorne

April 19, 2016

In 20016, Kip Thorne and movie producer Lynda Obst conceived the underlying concepts for a science fiction movie that ultimately, in the hands of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, became Interstellar. Kip will describe his experiences in the making of Interstellar, in generating its computer graphics, and in using its computer graphics software for astrophysics research. He will also describe some of the rich science underlying the movie. Join us for what promises to be a fantastic evening as we celebrate the Caltech Y's cenntennial anniversary!

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