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Caltech Y Welcomes New Board Members

The Caltech Y welcomes 12 new Board members for the 2023-2026 term. “The Caltech Y is honored these talented, dedicated campus and area leaders will join us as we enhance the important services and programs we offer the Caltech students and community. Eight of our new Board members are Caltech students. All Caltech Y programs and services are student-driven and led and we are proud that students have many seats at our Board table,” according to Caltech Y Board Chair Cynthia Bengtson.

From left to right: Mitch Aiken, Nicholas von Gersdorff, Ann Motrunich, Cindy Bengtson, Athena Castro, Leslie Maxfield, Nate Thomas, Catherine Ko

Caltech Y Executive Director Athena Castro added “The depth of knowledge about the Caltech student experience as well as expertise in professional areas of science, communications, and leadership makes this non-profit Board uniquely qualified and we are privileged to bring on these new Board members to further our competencies.”

Joining the Board this year are:

  • Mitch Aiken, Associate Director for Educational Outreach, Caltech CTLO

  • Leslie Maxfield, Director, Academic Media Technologies and Communications, Caltech.

  • Ann Motrunich, Lead Writer, Advancement Communications and Community Relations, Caltech

  • Nate Thomas, PhD, Caltech alum and Senior Modeling and Simulation Engineer, Radiant

  • Sulekha Kishore, Caltech Class of 2025

  • Maddy (Madeline) Christensen, Caltech Class of 2025

  • Catherine Ko, Caltech Class of 2024

  • Manisha Kapasiawala, Caltech PhD candidate in Bioengineering

  • Joseph Kim, Caltech Class of 2024

  • Rupa Kurinchi-Vendhan, Caltech Class of 2024

  • Jimmy Regan, PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering

  • Luke Zhou, Caltech Class of 2025


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