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Caltech Y Welcomes New Board Members

The Caltech Y Board of Directors welcomes three new members who began their board terms this past October. We are thrilled to welcome Lee Fisher, Susan Murakami, and Mary Wahl.

Lee Fisher: Lee is a familiar face in the Caltech community. He is an alum and received his BS from Caltech in Electrical Engineering. He returns to the Caltech Y board after a few years off, but has remained involved with the Y and with other campus organizations and activities during that time.

Susan Murakami: Susan is also a familiar face to many students on campus. She earned her BS from Caltech in Biology. Susan enjoys interacting with students as a volunteer with the SURF Program and Tom Mannion’s cooking class, in addition to the Caltech Y. Susan is also active with the Gnome Club, the Caltech Associates, and the Alumni Association.

Mary Wahl: Mary graduated from Caltech with a degree in Biology. As a student, Mary volunteered with the Rise Program and again became involved with Rise when she returned to the Pasadena area a few years ago. Mary is also involved with the Alumni Association and the Gnome Club.


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