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2020-21 Annual Report Out Now!

We are pleased to present the Caltech Y 2020-21 Annual Report to you.

Dear Friends,

I am proud to share the 2020–21 Caltech Y Annual Report with you. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed publishing this important report, but I hope you will agree it was worth the wait! Looking through the pages, I am filled with pride and admiration for all the Caltech Y accomplished during the pandemic, and grateful to the prudent donors, community organizations, and Caltech clubs who continued to support our mission. Inside the report, you will also find a special note from senior Jen Yu, who reflects on the impact the Caltech Y had on her life.

In 2020–21, while the pandemic was still impacting all, we hosted nearly 50 virtual and in-person events and volunteer opportunities for students. The Caltech Y staff and I ensured each program embodied at least one Caltech Y pillar—leadership, service, civic engagement, adventure, and perspective.

Today, the world is in a different place with COVID. Caltech Y students have just returned from their Yosemite camping trip. For the first time in two years, Caltech undergraduate and graduate students got a chance to breathe deeply and explore Yosemite’s beauty, enhance their friendships, and start a new demanding school year bolstered and empowered. We will be with them through another year filled with research, learning, and self-discovery.

While the health and safety of our students and friends remain our top priority, I am thrilled to offer more in-person events this school year.

We ask you to stay involved with the Caltech Y in ways that work for you—read our newsletters, make a financial donation, attend a speaker series, tell your friends about us, become a Friend of the Caltech Y.

As you know, the Friends of the Caltech Y provide essential financial support for all Y activities. Friends of the Caltech Y are invited to private special events during the year as a thank you for their invaluable support. Please see page 16 of our annual report for ways to donate or become a Friend of the Caltech Y.

Enjoy the annual! (You can check out the pdf of the print version of our annual here.)

With much gratitude,

Athena Castro

Executive Director

Caltech Y


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