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Tom M. Apostol Fund for Science and Math Outreach is Established

The mathematician Tom M. Apostol passed away on May 8, 2016. During his career, he was recognized for the clarity of his exposition of mathematical and scientific concepts in numerous textbooks, articles, and video presentations. His two-volume text on Calculus is accessible as well as rigorous. These volumes have been used at Caltech and other universities around the world for over 50 years. He was passionate about mathematics education and also cared deeply about Caltech students and was often seen at the Caltech Y.

This “Caltech Y Tom M. Apostol Fund for Science and Math Outreach” is established to honor the professor's memory and to provide support for Caltech students reaching out to the local community through math and science tutoring, mentoring, demonstrations, and providing encouragement to students in the local community outside of Caltech. Through this outreach, the Caltech students will also benefit by gaining skill and confidence in communicating math and science concepts, gaining an understanding of barriers to learning, and experiencing the joy of giving to others.

This fund will be administered by the Caltech Y. This fund is open to additional contributions. It is expected to be invested in a manner that is reasonably likely to conserve its capital and grow it with inflation while employing earnings for program support. This support may include, but is not limited to providing compensation for student time, providing Caltech Y staff support, providing materials, purchasing and upgrading equipment, providing transportation of Caltech or client students or teachers, or providing recognition to client students. For more information and to contribute to the fund, please contact Agnes Tong | | 626 395 6163

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