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A Minute with Friends : Fred Clayton

Fred Clayton, Community Member and Caltech Y Board Member

Caltech Y Board Member, Fred Clayton, is a lifelong veteran of community service. “Simply put,” he says, “life without non-profit service would leave me unfulfilled.”

Since graduating from college, he has always served on at least one board, often on its executive committee. Besides his work with the Caltech Y, he is also now serving on the Advisory Board to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track & Field. In the past, he has worked with numerous organizations, including The Paralysis Project of America, The March of Dimes, and the Pasadena Methodist Foundation.

Board member Fred Clayton and his wife Susan

At the Caltech Y, he especially admires the way the Rise Tutoring Program provides both student mentors and the struggling students an enormous opportunity for personal growth. He believes the students will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

He and his wife of 45 years, Susan, live in San Gabriel enjoying their three children and two young grandchildren. When he is not chasing the toddlers, Fred enjoys watching football and basketball. He says people would be surprised to learn that in his youth, he was a gymnast, specializing in the pommel horse.

Professionally, he is an executive search consultant to corporations, universities, and large non-profit organizations. He is currently chairman of Berkhemer Clayton Inc, a Los Angeles-based firm he co-founded in 1994 and where he served as CEO until last year.

Fred was first introduced to the Caltech Y by board member, Jon Webster, who invited him to the Y Golf Tournament and subsequently nominated him for the board.

When asked who, living or dead, he would invite to a Friends Dinner, Fred answered, “Being a practical person, I would, and perhaps will, identify and selectively invite heads of private and corporate grant-making foundations with whom the Y does not currently have a relationship.”

Fred brings a myriad of valuable service experience and skills to the Caltech Y, and we look forward to working with him!


The Friends are the primary supporters of the Caltech Y. It is through generous contributions of our Friends that the Y is able to continue its long-standing mission of reaching out to the Caltech community with fresh ideas, student programming and active community service. To find out more please visit or contact us at

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