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Washington DC Science Policy Trip

The Caltech Y - Washington DC Science Policy Trip

December 10th to 14th, 2017

To kick off your winter break, the Caltech Y is offering an extraordinary trip to Washington DC with a focus on National Science Policy.  And understanding that some may wish to stay in DC or travel to other destinations from DC following our program or even just meet us in DC for the program, while others will want to return to LA, we are providing three great options to choose from:

        Option 1:  Cost $525   Round Trip Travel from, and returning to, Los Angeles (Caltech)

        Option 2:  Cost $325    One Way Travel from Caltech (Los Angeles) to Washington DC

        Option 3:  Cost $150    No Travel – meet us in DC and join us for the five days

All options include lodging, most meals, discussions with science and policy leaders... and, of course, the sites and experiences of Washington DC… with flights and ground transportation provided based on your choice of trip. 

Join us for this intriguing trip to the Nation's capitol.  You'll meet those who have played a role in setting and implementing science policy for the United States, including: Academics, Lobbyists, Scientists, Politicians, and Caltech Alumni.  Small group sessions with these leaders will explore relevant issues for our time in the context of national policy. Open time will allow you to visit the White House, Memorials, Smithsonian Museums, National Archives, Capitol, and other DC landmarks.

Don't miss this opportunity! The Washington, DC Science Policy Trip is coordinated by the Caltech Y with generous support from the George Housner Fund.   Questions may be directed to us by email at or in person at the Caltech Y (505 South Wilson – next to the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union).

Applications are available here:

Download PDF Application        

Please download an application, fill it in, save it as DC.yourname.PDF (for example DC.Fletcher.PDF) then send it in electronically to – with your responses to the questions also attached.

Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 24th

The goal of the Washington DC Science Policy Trip is to advance political understanding and to help Caltech students become more engaged citizens through an examination of the creation, implementation and evolution of national policies addressing science and technology. We are arranging meetings with lobbyists, policy advisors, federal department heads and congressional leaders so that Caltech students may participate in face to face discussions with the advocates and politicians who are directly effecting policy decisions.