Advocating Change Together (ACT) Award


The Caltech Y challenges students to grow into responsible citizens of the world.  It is with this mission in mind that
the Y created the Advocating Change Together (ACT) Award providing motivated Caltech students with a unique opportunity to learn about themselves and their place in society by seeking to impact the world through community engagement, activism and leadership.


The goals of the Caltech Y ACT Award are to promote personal growth, increase awareness, civic engagement, and leadership development by:

  • encouraging activists to identify and explore an issue or cause of local, national, or global significance

  • empowering activists to get educated and engaged in the cause through trainings, workshops, conferences, and/or an immersion experience (learning from an established organization or volunteering beside experienced activists), and

  • challenging activists to organize and lead programs to educate and engage other members of the Caltech community

The ACT Award offers an opportunity to explore a cause and to make a difference.  Activists determine what cause to address, the mentor, organization, conference or trainers to learn from; and the programs they will lead to raise awareness in the Caltech community. The Award has been created to help Caltech students expand their understanding of the world and to unleash them to change the world for the better as active citizens.  It is an opportunity to act!

Application Info:

ACT Guidelines
ACT Application
What is expected of ACT Recipients


Applications are due no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, April 20th. Applications should be submitted electronically to


The Caltech Y is here to help you! You are encouraged to stop by with any questions during the application process. Staff will gladly provide guidance to help you develop your application, oversee preparation efforts, and create your awareness and engagement programs.

Contact Information: All Y staff can be reached at 626-395-6163

Greg Fletcher,
Liz Jackman,